Back To School – Recycle Your Old Electronics…

Back to School…

Do you know where your old electronics are?

It’s that time again…Shopping for new books, supplies, dorm-living essentials and computer and device equipment. For those of you who are on your way back to high school, or off to college, you need to be aware that the life of your electronics has an end in sight.

What will you do with your old equipment now that your new devices are sitting prominently on your desk?  What will happen to the older, outdated technology that you no longer use? Rather than giving your devices to a friend or selling them, we hope you’ll consider donating them to our company for recycling, resale, or reclamation.

We, at Recycling for Cause (a BlueStar Company non-profit organization), recommend that you contact us to pick up your unwanted, or outdated electronic items in the Bay Area. We will recycle them for you. We have drop-off locations where we are happy to take them off your hands for free.

Since we owe so much to our environment, which has and continues to serve us well, we need to not muck up the landfills and waterways with the items that can harm us. Toxins from our electronics can mix with groundwater and get into our waterways. Breathing fumes and particles of destroyed laptops, printers, your TV, and much more is so harmful to our health.

Pay it forward…Donating your unwanted technology is a great way to express your give-back attitude. By unloading your unwanted technology, you’re not only cleaning out your bedroom or dorm, you’re helping our planet by donating your computer, laptop, printer, TV, Ipad, cellphone, to Recycle for Cause. With our complete list on our website, you will help save the planet one device at a time.

Don’t worry about your data…We have a secure data destruction service that guarantees total demolition of your information. You are guaranteed that the secure material that was left behind will never be shared with anyone. You will even receive a certificate of destruction, upon request.

Good luck this year! We, at Recycle for Cause, look forward to seeing your out-of-date, or unused electronics soon.