Battery Recycling

We, at Redwood City E-waste, encourage you to recycle. There are many ways to do just that, and one is to place all trash, green waste and home waste in their respective receptacles. One thing to never do is to place any batteries in your home or office recycling containers.

While many contend that ordinary batteries, such as alkaline batteries are not hazardous, they are to our health and the environment. Since batteries contain toxins such as, lead, and mercury, all batteries are deemed as hazards and not only pose a problem to our health, they could cause a fire. We should not allow them to ever reach any trash bin or landfill.

Lithium-Ion batteries, or rechargeable batteries, especially, should be quickly disposed of, and never placed in recycling bins. These batteries can be flammable under the right conditions. They can be found  in portable electronics such as, cellphones,  tablets and laptops, and some watches, to name a few. Please do not toss the batteries from any electronics in to your garbage or recycling bins. We all must do our part.

Keep everyone safe by recycling batteries in ways that are not dangerous to humans and the environment. If you are recycling only a few batteries, check with your city offices about their recyclingpossibilities and locations.

In addition to batteries, any electronics that you have the need to recycle should be disposed of correctly. Any of your recyclables such as, batteries (any kind), laptops, computers, hard drives, printers, cellphones, fax machines, video players, TVs, monitors, wiring, etc., will be safely recycled, reclaimed or reused, by phoning Redwood City E-waste, (408-210-4121), your savior for recycled technology.