Electronic Recycling – Who Do You Tell?

When people ask what you do with your old, unused electronics: Where do you take them, who do you call for a pickup, where do you leave them? When your colleagues, family and friends question you about your preferences for your asset management needs, Blue Star Electronics is proud to serve companies in the San Francisco Bay Area. We suggest that your best bet is, with 20 or more items, to visit www.sanfranciscoewaste.com to schedule your electronics pickup.

The professionals who work with old, unusable electronics are experts in recycling, reclaiming and the art of reusing spent items. Many of these items can be reused, so are repaired and re-released for often, years of productivity. Other items must be broken down and parts are sold to create new technology. Our staff of experts are knowledge able in which items fall into each category.

With so many different types of electronic “gadgets” out there now, when they no longer work, it’s necessary to have a plan if you don’t want to hang on to your old items indefinitely. For the holidays, may we suggest cleaning out what you no longer need? There are many who can use your unwanted, older electronics once refurbished. Make room for new items that might come your way this holiday season, by scheduling your appointment today.

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