Happy New Year!

We, at Recycle for Cause, a division of Blue Star Company Inc, wish you and yours a prosperous and very Happy New Year. We thank you for allowing us to be your choice for electronics recycling.

Over this past year, we have had the opportunity to meet wonderful people and educate them on the importance of recycling, reclaiming and reuse of their (your) electronics. We cannot emphasize enough how vital it is to our environment and to the future of our children.

In your 2018 endeavors and experiences, we hope that you may have the distinct opportunity to “tell a friend” about our expertise and how giving back helps us all. If you see a chance for us to meet or speak with someone about what we do, please let us know. We would like to meet them.

Make 2018 a year like no other. Step out of your comfort zone for something worthwhile, be generous, kind, loving, and inspiring.

Thank you, again, for your kindness in 2017 and in the years prior. We truly appreciate all that you do to make this a better planet for us all.


The Team at Recycle for Cause and Blue Star Company Inc.