New Year’s E-Waste Resolutions

It’s not too late…It’s never too late to think of others and the opportunity we have to recycle and save the planet!

We might not keep the promise to ourselves to lose weight. We might not keep our goal to get in shape, or buy a bike to stay healthy, or be more generous, or want to continue with the gym membership after two weeks (well…statistics show that approximately 80% of goals fail in February). The one resolution that we all should keep, besides staying healthy and being nice, is to help save our children’s future. Saving for their future is not the same, although, they both involve saving money.

Vow to and keep the ideal of recycling all electronics that are not being used or are ready for technology heaven. These electronics are draining us, and by purchasing new, we are using less energy and allowing them to work for us…Not the other way around. Give your old items a nice send-off by phoning San Jose E-Waste, your Bay Area recycling expert.

While you’re out walking, or driving, be sure to stop for those old, dilapidated keyboards, laptops, cellphones, hard drives, monitors, etc., that are taking up space and ruining your city’s landscape. Just remember, they are ruining more than that…our health. Be sure to ask your friends, colleagues for their discards. You may want to ask your boss if you could plan a recycling event. You will be doing a great service, and possibly earning some money for a charity of your choice.

Thank you for being a part of our recycling community, and we look forward to another great year as your Recycle, Reclaim, and Reuse partner.