Re Purpose for Life

Some people automatically think of recycling as collecting plastic bottles, or metal soda cans for cash at the recycling kiosk in a grocery store parking lot. Some naturally think of plastic grocery bags that are being reused to shop with as well. The reuse of these items is very important to the environment; however, they are not the only things that we should be concerned about.

Recycle for Cause, division of Blue Star Electronics, in Brentwood, CA., is an asset management company recycling, reusing and reclaiming old and electronics that are no longer viable. From computers, laptops and monitors, to hard drives, printers, copiers, and much more…we will recycle your unwanted technology so that you can worry less about them ending up in a landfill or in the wrong hands.

Many of the items that we recycle for you are sold for reuse. Various companies have ways to use the materials and it’s another way to keep items from contaminating the groundwater flowing to the lakes and rivers. It’s sad to see old electronics by the wayside cluttering up the planet. When you see these items, we ask that you give them a ride, to give them a home…at Recycle for Cause.

When you donate to Recycle for Cause, we donate back. We will make a donation to your favorite charity. We give back as a way to help others thrive. We will pick up your items from your business unless you have just a few items. There are a few drop-off locations throughout the Bay Area for your convenience. If you need help with your hard drive destruction services, we’re glad to help with that as well.

We want you to feel safe and be worry-free when it comes to your sensitive documents. Protect your identity and other information that could do harm. Contrary to popular belief, it’s not safer to just keep your old technology around. It is safer to destroy anything that could potentially damage you or your business.


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