Recycle for Cause Pay it Forward

The term Pay It Forwardmotivates us to help others whenever possible. When someone treats us cordially, or special, we often think in terms of paying the kindness forward, if not back to them, to someone else. One way that we can accomplish that is to inform them of the great deeds offered by  Recycle for Cause, a division of Blue Star Company, Inc.

Recycle for Cause is a non-profit organization that not only collects and recycles your old, worn out electronics, but they also make a donation to your favorite, or selected charity.

Speaking to your family and friends about the professionals at Recycle for Cause helps in many ways. When we encourage others to donate their unused technology, we help the planet by eliminating toxins, and we bring the much-needed education about why we, and how we recycle, reclaim and reuse items such as, TVs, computers, laptops, old cellphones, printers, peripherals, wire, typewriters, speakers, DVD players, and much more. Those at Recycle for Cause will also donate to a charity for you when you donate your items.

With so many more people in the Bay Area, one of the best things that we can do for them is to enlighten them about Recycle for Cause and how they help others. Data destruction alone is a service that is offered to help keep data safe. We have specialists who will pick up your electronics, destroy the hard drives that could be harmful to secure data. It is our job to protect you from data theft. For your business, we will even present you with a certificate of destruction (see website for details).

Recycle for Cause thanks you for paying your kindness forward by spreading the word in social media, word-of-mouth, and the actions that you imitate to bring others closer to the act of recycling for good.