Why Data Destruction is important, especially today

Let’s talk seriously…Destroying your all-important data is not only vital; it is mandatory in keeping your information safe and secure. Cyber Crime is real and it’s happening! We do what we must to keep our valuable data safe,out of the hands of scammers and those who wish to steal our identity and do us harm in a myriad of ways.

We consult with our “IT guy” who advises us to back up everything from our computers and mobile devices. This is great advice, although, not the only thing that we should do. When our old electronics are ready to be recycled, we must think about erasing the data that could come back to haunt us. Don’t let your old ghosts come back and leave you to worry about what could happen if your information got “out there.”

Before donating your used technology, think about destroying your hard drive. If you have no way to do this yourself, our experts will do it for you. We have the specialized equipment needed to make sure that your data will not be an issue, it will never to be stolen. Upon shredding your disk drive, we will present you with a Certificate of Destruction ensuring you that we have done our job and you will no longer need to be concerned.

We, at Recycle for Cause, request that when you need to replace your electronics, you will think of us for recycling. We are experienced at what we do to help others and our planet. If your organization or company would like to host a fundraiser, Recycle For Cause will help with raising funds while taking your electronic items as we recycle, reclaim, remarket, and reuse them for good.

We want to help keep your technology out of landfills and off the streets, as we educate you in helping to keep us environmentally friendly for years to come.

Partner with Recycle For Cause with your business and watch how the world partners with you.

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