With A Give Back Attitude…

We, at Recycle for Cause, a division of Blue Star Company, Inc., are committed to our customers. We pride ourselves on excellent service while reaching out to companies, saving them time, effort and money when they donate their e-waste materials to us.

When companies decide to donate their old electronics to Recycle for Cause, we inturn donate a certain percentage of our profits to non-profit organizations. Our goal, as much as possible, is to give back to the community and help non-profits, which in turn helps individuals.

Sponsoring events helps us to achieve our goals in assisting those in need. Schools, as well as other organizations, such as churches, service clubs (Rotary, Lions, etc.) benefit from our customers’ generosity. When our customers give back to us, we give back because we feel that it’s the right thing to do.

Just recently we donated $9,000 worth of furniture to a local Bay Area school and another $5,000 worth of furniture (tables and chairs) to a Junior High School which did not have the funds to purchase new furniture.’We found a solution to a problem for a great cause.’

For more information please visit our website www.recyleforcause.comand find how you can help us help others. We are big into saving our planet, one electronic device at a time.

Our donations include, but are not limited to: computers, laptops, keyboards, printers, cellphones, peripherals, hard drives, headphones, Ipad, or other technology that could end up in the landfills. Our goal is to keep these items away from groundwater which give off toxins that contaminate our water systems.

We are grateful for our customers and their desire to recycle, reclaim and reuse!

Thank you.

Also we recently donated $9000.00 worth of Furniture to a local Bay Area School and another $5000.00 worth of Furniture tables and chairs to a Junior High  school that did not have the funding to buy new tables we found a solution to a problem to a great cause.