Recycle for Cause is an initiative of Blue Star Recycling Company. This division on Blue Star was established to create an awareness about how we can give back to our society. The idea behind Recycle for Cause is to bring everyone together for the common good. Our commitment to the environment encourages us to educate the public on how a charitable act can save our planet.

With a desire to help those in need, we help organizations such as schools, churches and humanitarian groups raise funds by collecting old, expended electronics. These electronic devices and gadgets are then recycled, reused, and refurbished. Upon being refurbished the devices are either remarketed or utilized internally by these organizations. The proceeds generated by the sale of the refurbished devices are shared with the organizations.

We also help schools, churches and humanitarian groups arrange fund-raising events. We supply the required manpower at zero costs. Additionally, we support these organizations with promotional materials such as banners and flyers free of cost. We also promote their events free on all our websites and other digital properties on social media.

Businesses donating spent electronics, batteries, cell phones, wire, etc., can become eligible for tax write-off as well. This means that they can rest assured that their old devices are in safe hands (both in terms of safe disposal as well as data security) and at the same time they can reap the benefits of tax write-off. Please Be sure to consult your tax professional to learn more about tax write-off.

Please contact us for more information on recycling, and how your organization can benefit by purging your old, worn-out technology.