Bay to Breakers Fun Run

As you run or walk this Sunday, in the Bay to Breakers, remember that you are a part of a very special, annual event. A sea of people who need breath mints, will take your place in the excitement if you don’t arrive early.

Bay to Breakers – this 106-year-old event, is a run or walk – your choice. It begins close to the Embarcadero and ends at Ocean Beach. People are passionate about their event and may don fun costumes. Come prepared at this event to run, perhaps, side-by-side, with aunicorn princess, previous president, a dragon, a centipede, a king, and most likely…Star Wars themes, of course!

Thousands of contestants take this Fun Run seriously. Most enter, though, because it’s just a fun day to be in the city! There are winners who do this for an actual prize – thousands of dollars, in fact. Attend with a friend…Compete, or not.

Parking will be at a premium, of course, so stay overnight and walk, get a lift, or get there in another way. Pair up for safety’s sakeand have a great time. Bring your RV and you’ll make instant friends!

If you’re a people-watcher, this is your occasion to do so. What you’ll see on TV will not match what goes on at Bay to Breakers. Come with an open mind, enjoy the antics and the creativity of the day!

Blue Star Company, Inc., wishes you a great time this weekend. You may see some walking dead and that might be before the event even begins!