Earth Day 2018

Earth Day is a special occasion for us all. We recognize this day by celebrating Mother Earth with activities that pertain to our environment. We plant trees, we clean up our parks, waterways, streets, etc. We hold festivals, parties, and outdoor events to honor our “Mom.” We make it a point to turn off lights, and devices, while closing doors and watching our energy usage. While this “holiday” has grown since 1970 – its inception, the ritual has spread throughout and we celebrate every year on the same day.

While we all get busy and neglect to pay as much attention to our surroundings as we should, it is important to help give back on this day – especially. We can certainly take a little time over the Earth Day weekend, to lend a hand and give back where and when needed.

Just think of the example we are setting for our children and grandchildren by participating in such a rewarding (for all) endeavor. If we all turn our “eyes on the prize,” we all benefit. Teaching our young ones about the future in recycling, volunteering to help others, and our earth, we give back to our children automatically. We are so fortunate with the amenities that we have in the Bay Area.

Blue Star Company, LLC will be offering recycling events throughout the Bay Area. Our professionals will enjoy meeting you. Please drop-off your outdated and unwanted electronics free-of-charge to learn more about how we can recycle, reclaim and reuse our technology, and how this all affects us. Please phone us at 925-420-5593 for recycling events near you.

Earth Day 2018 promises to educate and enlighten us about how we can protect our family’s future. We will also learn about energy efficient options such as solar, the food we grow, how to stay healthier by exercising, or working out in nature, the cars we’ll be driving, the latest in building materials that promise energy efficiency, and of course, ridding our lives of disregarded electronics which no longer serve as a function.
Enjoy Earth Day on April 22nd.