Father’s Day – Admiring A Man

“The heart of a father is the masterpiece of nature.”

We revere the man we call Dad. He has helped shape our life and has molded us into who and what we are today. He deserves more than thanks, or even anything that money can buy. You know that he’d appreciate your time, a handshake, a hug.
The first Father’s Day was celebrated on June 19, 1910,in Spokane Washington, at the YMCA. Sonora Smart Dodd in honoring her own father, William Jackson Smart, a civil war veteran, created and observed the first known Father’s Day.
We commemorate Dad’s one day each year with picnics, barbeques, baseball games, carnivals, county fairs, and perhaps a 5k run for the entire family. This is a day to spend together when possible, and if not, Dad knows that you are there in spirit, and always in his heart.
Dad may be up for a game of pool, the Game of Thrones, or wild game on a hunting expedition. He might be the compassionate guy, the smart guy, the fix-it guy, the staunch guy, thesports guy, or the keep-it-simple guy. He may have been or is in service to our country (remember to thank him). He enjoys his favorite beer, a flight of wine, or a diet coke. He’s outspoken, or quiet, and may like Home Depot, or calling someone. Whoever he is, he is Dad, the one who helped you pass Algebra, taught you how to ride a bike, use your first drill, or help ease the pain of your first heartbreak. He was, or, is always there.
If Dad is not able to be with you, the sound of your voice will suffice. There are several different ways that you can connect with him, such as a little Facetime on your phone. A visit at the cemetery is always appropriate, when able, and again – just talk, be yourself, and give him a shout out. No matter where he is, it’s Father’s Day…A great reason to be together, trade memories, and make new ones.

Blue Star Company wishes you a Happy Father’s Dayspent with loved ones and friends.

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