Giving Back for Recent Fire Victims

The actuality of and aftermath of a fire is devastating. Many lose homes, belongings, and more importantly, loved ones. The latest and most destructive fire in California to date began on Thursday, November 8, and spread rapidly, leaving many to escape with only what they could carry. We will feel the repercussions from this horrific act of man (the Camp Fire), for years to come.
Blue Star Electronics, in Livermore, CA., is a premier electronics recycling company. Their non-profit, a  501(c)3 charity, Recycle for Cause, has a heart for distressed victims, and the desire to do the right thing. To help ease burdens that touch many more than we know, we will donate $5.00 to the Red Cross for each computer, laptop, or server that is recycled through our facility.
One can only imagine the shocking effects of having no home to return to, and the nightmares that one might experience…To whom do you turn?
You may drop off your recyclable items at our location, or we will pick them up from your company.
We thank you for your generosity in the act of giving for those we may not even know. It is imperative that we all participate if possible and give from our hearts. Our brothers and sisters need our kindness. If you find that your technology is outdated, no longer needed, or is a device that you can live without, please donate it to us. Those who are touched by this tragedy may never say thank you, however, they know that people are out there and desire to help.
Thank you so much!
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