There’s a reason why the President, at this time, each year, visits Arlington National Cemetery. He pays his respects on behalf of the entire country for the service,  loyalty and lives given to keep us safe.  We, as a nation,remember what our troops have sacrificed, and continue to give to protect our people, our country, and our communities.

On this holiday, most do not mourn; most celebrate the lives that we have because of the brave acts overseas and on the homefront. We hold our servicemen and women in our hearts. Think of all that we have and who has helped provide those things for us. Upon reflection, you will realize how blessed we are.

Memorial Day, while more than barbeques, picnics, and ballgames, we recognize that today has been  handed to us, and we should embrace it.

The first official Memorial Day (originally named Decoration Day) was celebrated at Arlington National Cemetery, on May 30, 1868. This tradition is still being upheld today with each current U.S. President placing a wreath at the tomb of the Unknown Soldier. Small flags are placed at the gravesite of each soldier prior to the holiday. These flags are a reminder of what was given; what was taken, and who and what remains.

Out and about this weekend, be sure to say thank you to those who protect us. They should hear it every day from citizens. We know what they’ve done for us. What have we done for them? They need to know that we appreciate them.

Blue Star Company Inc., wishes you a holiday weekend that’s meaningful and fun.