Recycling and… Valentine’s Day?

One might think that Valentine’s Day is all candy, roses, and oh, yes – marriage proposals. It could mean a lot more to your future.
On this Valentine’s Day, think about what your future means to you and your company. You have given your office staff a cleaner workspace, and the hope for a safer environment. Just knowing that you cared enough about the planet to bring in your old technology to Livermore E-Waste is good enough for us. Yes, we’ll be open on Valentine’s Day for your donations.
To take this one step further, our customers are always glad to know that we will donate to a charity when you bring in your electronics to us. We call this Recycle for Cause, which is a part of our company, Blue Star Electronic Recycling. It is our pleasure to donate for you when you cared enough to bring in what no longer serves you.
What better way to observe Valentine’s Day than to donate your computers, printers, monitors, old cellphones, wiring, peripherals, CD players, TVs, stereos, hard drives and much more. When you bring your hard drives to us be sure to let us know if we need to destroy your old data. We protect your good name by destroying hard drives to keep you safe – which is our pleasure.
Enjoy Valentine’s Day even more with the knowledge that you are saving the landfills from harmful toxins. Also, remember that when you donate your old and no longer useable electronic items, you make way for new technology that is safer more up-to-date, with more current applications.