Why We Care…

We, at Recycle for Cause, care about the environment and how it’s treated. Offering our recycling services for free to our neighbors in need of a safe place to recycle, reclaim, or reuse, should matter to us all.

Just imagine a planet with an overabundance of electronic assets…in the landfills, in the ground-water streams, in the forests, in our neighborhoods. Not to mention the overcrowding of technology and components, just think about our health.

Toxins, when not dealt with properly can play havoc on our health: various diseases, such as lung and heart, toxic places for our children to play, lethal workplace environments all invade our lives and we are helpless as grown men, women and young children. Wildlife and foliage are affected…no one gets away unharmed. We care because this is not the world that we want for our loved ones. We want better for our families and the ecosystem, generating new life which sustains us.

Recycle for Cause gives back in ways, reaching out in our communities. We care for many who are not in situations to help themselves as they might need. By donating back to those who need our support is one way that we choose to pay our good fortune forward.

We request that you might find ways to help others in need as well. Donate to Recycle for Cause to help properly care for end-of-life and outdated technologies such as: hard drives, computers, laptops, printers, old cellphones, telephones, components, wiring, video players, TVs, etc., that need a new home, or be transformed into something else useful for the good fortune of others.

Thank you for reading our blog and we look forward to meeting you soon. Please check our website www.recycleforcause.com for our services and how we can help your organization or company.